Linkin’ logs: 4-2-19

Scrollin’ the day away at Linkin’ Memorial High:

• Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph cavorting in Wine Country? Sign me up.

• A seasoned reporter (ahem) can sniff out a good story, just as (apparently) our canine friends can sniff out cork taint.

• I loves me some ice wine — and am bummed that its future is perilous.

• Spit-take alert: My buddy the Hosemaster hits the ground running and never lets up in taking on the mysteries of wine.

• It’s not nearly as entertaining, but this look at why we call wine dry is edifying.

• I think (or at least hope) that wine enthusiasts are a smallish minority in the world of drunk-shopping.

• Finally, the truth, the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth:


Linkn’ logs: 3-28-19

Finally, after technological problems beyond my admittedly meager ken, we’re back linkin’:

• For sundry reasons, Millennials aren’t embracing wine as much as their elders. Oh well, (they’ll) live and learn.

• It is meet and right so to do: Becky Wasserman, with whom my way better half and our friends Joe and Kris spent a seriously memorable afternoon in Beaune — makes Decanter’s Hall of Fame.

• The more things change … Some Italian vintners apparently are playing the tainting game again.

• Roll out the barrels — to sleep in.

Finally, an oddly lifelike and quite naughty rendering:


Linkin’ logs: 2-1-19

Hit the Web, Jack, and do come back with more and more and more:

This is especially good news for those who hate math: Wine is a better brain stimulant. Maybe I’ll stop doing Sudoku.

My new hero made a castle out of corks.

I’ve heard of many different ways of drinking wine, but obviously I hadn’t heard everything.

Here’s a hilarious take on ridiculous tasting notes.

The future of white-wine barrels might just be … acacia.

Finally, this could be good for what ails many folks my age:


Linkin’ logs: 1-4-19

Scrollin’, scrollin, scrollin’ into 2019:

• Great to see the seriously cool Henry & Son make a list of the nation’s best wine stores.

• A penny for your thoughts? Actually, pennies aren’t worth much these days, except perhaps to restore wine gone bad.

• Whatever weighty resolutions might be in play for others, these are my kind of diet tips.

• I’m sure I’d muck it up, but this is a fabulous use of empty wine bottles.

• Finally, while Riedel and Zalto and others have their merits, these are all worthy wine vessels:


Linkin’ logs: 12-19-18

Hoping this effort on the piece-o’-crap new version of WordPress works:

• Lauren Voigt does stellar work running the Minnesota Uncorked website, and she did a dandy job with this take on wines with Minnesota connections.

• OK, I’m a sucker for lists, and for researchers who divide people into groups. So the wine market’s six segments is right in my wheelhouse

• Well, I’m always leery of over-marketing-driven stuff like Shiraz on the Shelf, but it’s from the people who came up with Mensch on the Bench, which I pondered buying for my friend Mark’s holiday gift.

• Apparently, you don’t have to mix in Red Bull to make Champagne an energy drink.

• Finally, the latest health news:



Linkin’ logs: 11-27-18

What’s cooking in the wine world? Plenty:

• I got an Instant Pot last year and haven’t used it much. Maybe this mulled-wine recipe will motivate me.

• I hate when this happens: thousands of gallons bubble over the tank tops and are lost.

• The headline says it (almost) all: a wine that at least figuratively is out of this world.

• Almost out of this world: the planet’s “highest” vineyard in Tibet.

• Want to get smarter? Drink wine, if these neuroscientists are to be believed.

• Finally, most of us tend to be low on funds after holiday shopping. The solution, at least for those with wanderlust:


Linkin’ logs: 11-21-19

It’s beginning to look a lot like … an insane feast is anon. For news on this and other vinous matters:

• A seriously cool idea: co-fermenting grapes with apples, wort, etc., to make a hybrid. Let’s not call it “weer” or “wider,” though.

• Love this list of what wines to pair with the pies that cap the repast. And I didn’t delve as deeply into one course, but lightly into all of the standard stuff.

• Staying with food-wine matchups, I love Tim Hanni’s suggestions for hosts, not least because it includes two personal favorites from Oregon, Paetra Riesling and Abacela Albarino.

• On the other hand, I likely wouldn’t serve this 1,700-year-old bottle with a meal. But many wines of course are worth aging, and Eric Asimov offers his standard sage advice on that topic

• Finally, some more savvy advice on watching the news: