Linkin’ logs: 1-4-19

Scrollin’, scrollin, scrollin’ into 2019:

• Great to see the seriously cool Henry & Son make a list of the nation’s best wine stores.

• A penny for your thoughts? Actually, pennies aren’t worth much these days, except perhaps to restore wine gone bad.

• Whatever weighty resolutions might be in play for others, these are my kind of diet tips.

• I’m sure I’d muck it up, but this is a fabulous use of empty wine bottles.

• Finally, while Riedel and Zalto and others have their merits, these are all worthy wine vessels:

4 Responses

  1. Philip Bradley

    Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your Strib article about Piemontese wines. I’ve spent some time there on mulitple visits–especially in Le Langhe (home of the Barolo and Barbaresco wines) and you pretty much nailed it. What amazes me about Italy is that I was always coming across varietals I had never heard of. Almost all are worth trying!

  2. Bill Ward

    Grazie mille, Phillip. I was there last April and can’t wait to get back. The wines are stupendous.

  3. Eric Johnson

    Henry and Son. What wines are so great at this shop? Are they competitive in our market? Honestly never heard of them. WineStreet Sprits, South Lyndale, Hennepin Lake and out state get most of my money.

  4. Bill Ward

    They specialize in smaller wineries, both West Coast and Old World. A lot of “natural wines,” biodynamic/organic stuff.

    It’s a really well-chosen inventory. Prices are competitive but not great.

    Completely worth checking out if you’re in an exploratory mood.

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