Linkin’ logs: 10-10-15

News from all over the wide, wacky world of wine:

• Guessing Mouton-Rothschild won’t be ditching its fabulous new-artist-every-year labels, but a lot of wineries are ditching traditional labels for, well, you be the judge.

Sacre bleu! France has been surpassed by Italy as the world’s largest wine producer.

• Should you decant white wine? The excellent website VinePair has (some) answers.

• News that California winemakers and grape growers — especially in Paso Robles — can use: El Nino is now “too big to fail.”

• Turns out that some “studies” on alcohol’s harm have been conducted/spun by an avid temperance outfit.

• Finally, a spot-on sign that just about says it all for yours truly:




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