Linkin’ logs: 10-13-16

It’s a wild, wonderful, wine-soaked world on the Web. To wit:

• Perceptions matter: the difference between flavor and taste, per Wine Folly.

fountain• There are great ideas, and then there’s this: a drinking fountain that dispenses wine. Of course, it was the fun- (and vino-) loving Italians who came up with it. These people know how to live. (The one at left is a different one, fyi.)

• The headline is a bit of a “well, duh” for those in the trade, but this take on wine labels is well worth checking out.

• I learned a lot about the tricks/practices behind cheap wine, and about winemaking in general, here — and so can most anyone interested in fermented grape juice.

• My friend Eric Asimov offers up a semi-annual chestnut: 20 wines for $20 or less.

• Finally, something for your (and my) Xmas list:




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