Linkin’ logs: 10-23-15

Spanning the Web world to bring you the constant variety of stuff, here is this week’s wide world of wine:

• More from the wine-is-healthy front: It’s not just red wine that’s good for us. Fellow blanc lovers, rejoice!

Verite• It’s not exactly the 1976 Paris tasting, but it was in Europe and did produce a surprising result: Sonoma cult cab beats Napa’s.

• I wrote about wine-laden cocktails a few years back, but taking full advantage of the InterWeb’s limitless space, Eater goes much more in-depth.

• Waste makes … well, waste. Except when it doesn’t. Italian researchers might have found uses for wine waste.

• On the money, or not: some fascinating predictions from three decades ago by Decanter’s staff.

• Finally, I’d seen the image before, (and perhaps shared it), but not with these choice words:

Cork Chair




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