Linkin’ logs 10-5-12

There’s a whole lotta heavy-duty news I could send your way, but for me serious times call for a little levity, or at least cleverness. To wit:

• I’m not crazy about beer out of cans, so I seriously doubt I would have any use for wine packaged the same way. Guess I’m not the target audience here.

• At first blush, this list of ways that wine is like women might seem sexist if not misogynist. But there’s some truth (and a consequence or two) in there, too.

This inventive device in the photo (of a new-equipment roundup) is tailor-made for my way better half’s son, who lives in San Francisco, bikes way more than he drives and loves him some red wine.

• And finally, a little musical interlude. A seriously gorgeous one, in fact.

3 Responses

  1. Hey Bill,

    As soon as people like wine NOT FOR THE CONTAINER but for the juice inside, we win! So I thank you for pointing out that article! I can’t wait to drink wine from a can… that I ACTUALLY like. keep me posted?

    Thanks for the mention on the “7 ways women” article. As a woman, it was fun to write. Comedy brings acceptance of each sexes unique and desirable traits.

  2. Bill Ward

    Agree, Madeline. I’m gonna remain a bit leery about the can. Love minerally wines, but not sure that’s the mineral I’m looking for.
    Loved your article.

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