Linkin’ logs: 12-18-15

Man oh man, is there a buttload of cool stuff out there on the InterTubes in re. fermented grape juice. A few pieces of note:

• ‘Tis the season: VineArt passes along some cool research on music’s effects on wine tasting in the course of Xmaswriting about whether our favorite beverage and Xmas music are an apt pairing.

• This treatise is pretty thick, but it provides some great context on wine descriptors and doublethink.

• What’s ahead in the wide, wild world of wine in 2016? The redoubtable Jon Bonné has some prognostications.

• Most people acknowledge that a climate change is real, and vintners, especially in Napa and Champagne, are doing something about it.

• CNN offers up a swell “catch-up piece” on the possible benefits of wine consumption, including an especially cool timeline with tons of great historical nuggets.

• Finally, my kind of rescue operation:

Wine sign

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