Linkin’ logs: 2-2-16

A handful of Net gains from some serious scrollin’ action:

• Kudos to the University of Alberta, which hired researchers who developed the formula “1 glass red wine = 1 Cardiohour @ gym.” Another post posits that red wine in the evening is a boon for dieting.

• Completely inevitable: Kanye & Kim are gonna make wine. Pretty sure it’ll taste spoofulated.

• So this might not be suitable for office viewing, and I’m guessing there’s some legerdemain involved, but it is an inventive way to open a wine bottle. (H/T to my friend Lynn.)

• The 1976 “Judgment of Paris,” in which California wines shockingly bested French ones in a blind tasting, was undoubtedly a boon for Napa et al. But on the 40th anniversary the always insightful Steve Heimoff delineates a downside.

• Finally, back on the health front:

Wine Meme

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