Linkin’ logs: 2-3-17

Rollin’ and scrollin’ Webward for the latest:

• Love counterintuitive stuff: For some very good reasons beyond economics, Sonoma tasting rooms almost all now charge a tasting fee.

• On his worst day, Ron Washam is as funny as almost anyone on the planet. (And trust me, I’ve seen him on some of his worst days, having to judge 75 chards) When the Hosemaster’s in high dudgeon, as in this takedown of new wineries, well, let’s just say you shouldn’t take a sip of anything while reading it. The comments are worth perusing as well.

• This “news” story‘s pretty droll, too.

• Unearthed: wine cellars under the Brooklyn Bridge.

• My friend Jim Gordon does his usual stellar job of taking a lot of info and culling the highlights in his look at current wine trends. Among my favorites: widespread acceptance of screw caps.

• Or for hipsters: For those who care to keep up with what’s “cool” in the wine world, Punch provides a roundup.

• Finally, it’s Friday, so …







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