Linkin’ logs 3-9-15

Geography, science and history are part and parcel of a good day at Linkin’ Memorial High:

Cellar• A look at (purportedly) the world’s largest wine cellar, with more than half a million bottles.

• Only the nose knows, and I knows it. Two pieces on scents and senses are worth checking out: A New Yorker piece details how inarticulate we tend to be about what we smell, while VinePair explores the connections between wine aromas and memories. Those of us who have associated 1960s Topps baseball bubble gum packs with a cabernet can identify with both.

• One tasting I’m not sorry I missed: Wine found in a sunken Civil War ship (h/t to my friend Rolf). Pretty sure where that falls on the yuck/yum-o-meter.

• And finally, a pretty cool recycling use for corks, available here:

Cork doormat

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