Linkin’ logs: 4-7-16

A boatload of Web-tastic hap’nin’s:

French-wine-protest• Those wacky French are at it again, spilling tens of thousands of gallons of wine being slipped into their country.

• Been hankering for hangover-free wine? It’s heeeeeere.

• Two-Buck Chuck has been Three-Buck Chuck in these parts for some time now. Soon it will be No-Buck Chuck, i.e. just gone.

• Call me a Luddite, but I think wine should be for people who love it, not for speculative investors who have no interest in enjoying it. So I have a hard time rooting for a lot of the people who got bilked buying futures from Premier Cru. Unfortunately, a lot of folks who were just trying to buy good wine for themselves also got screwed.

• Regular readers know how much I love quotes, from wise to wiseass, about wine. VinePair has compiled a score of the latter.

• Finally, a couple of chalky, cheeky signs of recent (or any) vintage:

Size sign



Wine %$# Sign

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