Linkin’ logs 5-27-12

Spanning the Web to bring you the constant variety of vinous news:

• Most of us have had our share of vinaigrettes and sauces made with mediocre balsamic vinegar, so this article extolling red-wine vinegar really resonates. I’ve always wanted to make my own, and there’s no shortage of raw material: I get a buttload of samples and have to poor a ton of well-made wine down the drain, lest my liver shrivel up and die. So leave it to Minnesota’s own Cindy Pawlcyn (Napa stalwarts Mustards Grill, Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen) to provide a simple, straightforward primer on making red-wine vinegar.

• One of the most interesting wine people I’ve encountered of late is importer Peter Weygandt. Alas, I was able to spend only a brief amount of time with him, but the hardest-working person in the blog business, David White, has posted a four-part interview with Weygandt on his Terroirist site.

• The estimable Eris Asimov has written not one but two incisive columns that challenged conventional wisdom around vin rouge: one on its affinity with cheese and another on how splendidly suited many reds are for summer.

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