Linkin’ logs: 5-28-15

It’s almost as hard to keep up with all the worthy wine-y web posts as it is with all the SKUs of fermented grape juice out there. A few recent favorites:

Rose shades• Vine Pair presents a look at the sundry hues of rosé, but it’s possible this ever-fun site was only scratching the surface.

• The peerless Jancis Robinson writes a nice overview of wine’s evolution over the last three decades. I’m also more than delighted to learn that Jancis has added Elaine Brown to her formidable stable of writers.

• I don’t agree with everything in this take on developing one’s wine palate, but it’s got some fun and fascinating points.

• Many folks I know consider Anselme Selosse to be Champagne’s foremost vigneron. Alder Yarrow gets up close and personal with the man and his stellar wines.

• We might be looking at shortages of Prosecco and New Zealand sauvignon blanc. To which I am a knight who says “meh.”

• Finally, a deft twist on one of my favorite maxims, the so-called “Serenity Prayer”:

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