Linkin’ logs: 7-13-15

Health matters, modern matters, size matters and a bit of pop culture dot our latest foray into the Wine Wide Web:

• Maybe because I’ve lived in three different ones, I’m a sucker for state-by-state rankings. This one about our drinking-est states is a dandy.

• Thanks to my pal the Hosemaster, I’ve discovered another very funny wine blogger, Chris Kassel. His latest post Scarletton lissome lasses from the movies (and, not tangentially, about a great Cava) is a swell intro. Bonus points for giving me an excuse to run a photo of Scarlett Johansson.

• All wines are not vegan. There’s a “fine” reason for that.

• Research, schmesearch: This excerpt from Mark Schatzker’s “The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor” unearths the main reason why wine drinkers are healthier.

• I’ve often wondered whether finding a good wine-label scanning act was my problem or the market’s problem. Turns out, according to Jancis Robinson’s website, it was not so much my troglodyte tendencies in such endeavors.

• Finally, a sign of the times, or at least of our life and times:

Wine Sign

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