Linkin’ logs: 9-10-15

The world (wide web) keeps on turnin’, and it ain’t easy keeping up. A few bits of noteworthy WWW fodder:

• If you suspected that oak makes wines taste sweeter, you finally have some science to back that up.

Orange Wine• Orange wines are here to stay, I hope, even if they seem to draw some Ludditic fans (as do many vinous trends). Here’s a look at their ascension.

• All kinds of measures kept the wine biz, er, afloat during prohibition. Among the desperate measures in those desperate times: wine bricks.

• The ever-insightful and -incisive Madeline Puckette provides her usual looky look at how climate change might affect grape-growing areas in 2050. Not a great outlook for Bordeaux, Napa or almost all of Italy.

• Meanwhile, things are also “looking grave” (sorry) for these grapes.

• Finally, the final word (or not) on aging and wine:




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