Linkin’ logs: 9-13-13

I’ve been doing more physical traveling “” culminating with this sign at the security TSAcheckpoint in Chicago’s Midway Airport “” than Web-hopping. But I was able to unearth a few gems:

• The ever-wise Tom Wark shares some interesting thoughts on “natural” wines.

• So there was this Nigerian princess, and she needed to raise some money to buy some old wine. So she sent out some emails and voila, it happened. OK, that’s borderline un-PC, but this story does make me wonder what would happen if even more Asian and African concerns got into the bidding wars for the world’s top wines. And since they’re waaaaaay out of my financial reach anyway, I can just enjoy the saga as it unfolds.

• And in the realm of, as the Pythons have it, always looking on the bright side of life, this recent study shows what many of us have suspected lo these many years: that drinking wine staves off depression.

• All of which brings home the sagacity of this:



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