Linkin’ logs 9-3-19

Been ramblin’, then scrollin’, where I stumbled across these:

• My kind of fountain: dispensing rosé and shiraz.

• The good people of Florence (and the not-so-good ones) have always known how to live cleverly, as this portal shows.

• “Old Vines” can be a misleading label lure, but not with wine from this baby.

• I had a gut feeling (sorry!) that this potentially positive news would get some pushback.

• I have yet to meet a winemaker or grape-grower who doesn’t believ in climate change. They’re certainly dealing with it in Burgundy.

• Finally, hope you don’t have a spouse like this one (h/t to my friend Mark):

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  1. You stole my mantra.Have beensaying for years thst no winemaker doubts climate change is real. They keep more accurate records than anyone on the planet.
    I am sick of people who say “there’s always climate change.”
    .. especially the ones with small children AND grandchildren.

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