Linkin’ logs: 3-27-13

Back from judging the latter part of Pigs & Pinot (and consuming a lot of both). The attendees were quite classy, even the lady at our dinner table whom I dubbed June Cleavage, thanks to dangling necklace baubles that screamed “don’t look at my eyes.” But not all wine-soaked events have this much couth, necessitating the first of today’s links:

• Some industry folks and I were laughing last night about local tastings where many folks Necktether a wine glass to a neck thingie and one event veteran said that at every Fort Mason event at which she has poured, at least one person has projectile-vomited in full stride. This primer on how to behave at tastings only begins to cover some of the transgressions.

• Last night we also tasted one of those “orange wines” that the somms love and that I have found to be a quite uneven lot. I wondered aloud if we would have guessed it was a red wine had we been blindfolded. We weren’t sure. That brings to mind the experiment that prompted this piece on, basically, why none of us knows what the hell we’re talking about.

• My friend Bill Hooper recently reminded me of how “f-ing hilarious!” the old BBC cooking/pairing series “Posh Nosh” was. Whether you’ve seen them or not, clips that begin here will more than tickle the ol’ funny bone.

• Far less subtle, but just as funny, this “Saturday Night Live” skit from earlier this month spoofs wine and Madison Avenue in fine fashion.

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  1. Charlie Olson

    Thanks for the Posh Nosh link – never saw it before. Now I now how to embarrass vegetables.

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