Meet your makers. And your experts.

There’s reason they’re called “experts.” Who better to tell us about a topic, in this case fermented grape juice, than the people who have burrowed deeply into it? Among these authorities are some winemakers:

Haut-Rhin is like a pretty girl with makeup; Bas-Rhin is the pretty girl who doesn’t need the makeup.” — Albert Seltz on the wines of his home region

BrezzaFor me the last glass should always be the best, not the first.  Otherwise for those who try to impress with a ‘bomba,’ each successive glass gets heavier and heavier.” — Enzo Brezza (left)

There is more history than geography in a bottle of wine.” — Jean Kressmann

Quality in wines is much easier to recognize than it is to define.” — Maynard Amerine

There is truth in wine, but you never see it listed in the ingredients on the label.” — Josh Stern

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