Buyer and cellar: the $418 case

A couple of savvy local merchants, Darrin Minehan of Sorella and Erica Rokke of Zipp’s, provided stellar advice for last week’s day-job column on stocking a startup cellar. I had decided that talking to people who were especially plugged in to what constituted value these days was perhaps more helpful than my just rattling off […]

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Linkin’ logs: April 1 edition

Up here in Tundraland, March came in like a lion and went out like a wampa (gratuitous “Star Wars” reference to foreshadow an item below). But out on the WWW (world of wine web), some timely posts were found. • W. Blake Gray shared a typical day’s worth of emails that we wine scribes receive. […]

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Wines of the Week: March 24-30

Everyday: The notion that California can’t produce excellent $10 wines is put to the lie with every vintage of the Line 39 Lake County Sauvignon Blanc.  Lush and lean textures playfully duke it out as the gorgeous citrus and spice flavors  persist through the clean finish. There’s surprising depth and length and focus here. It’s […]

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Linkin’ logs: 3-26-14

Well now they’ve done it. Yes, they’ve gone and made milkshakes with wine. I suppose I shouldn’t caterwaul too much, since I often whip up raspberry-zinfandel sorbet. But still … it’s at least good to know that the world is filled with this and other semi-noteworthy wine news, including: • Staying with sweets, somebody at a website […]

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Should tiers be shed?

Few issues in the wine world are as vexing to me as the three-tier system, in which our favorite beverage almost always goes from winery to distributor to store/restaurant before it gets to us. On the one hand, having so many “middle men” who need to get a cut jacks up the prices we pay for […]

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Proverbial wisdom

Proverbs are cool. I have a huge list of “regular” ones, but these are from the fermented-grape-juice world: “Burgundy for kings, Champagne for duchesses, claret for gentlemen.” — French proverb “He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink Champagne.” — Russian proverb “Wine carries no rudder.” — Latin proverb “In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is […]

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