The cloak of anonymity

The progenitors of these saying are not known, but that does not make them any less viable:

• *Wine is the discoverer of secrets.” — American proverb

Snowy Bill & Sandy• “[The perfect wine is like the perfect wife [left, my way better half] — it looks nice and is nice, natural, wholesome, yet not assertive; gracious and dependable, but never monotonous.” — Anonymous

• “Wine carries no rudder.” — Latin proverb

• “A man, fallen on hard times, sold his art collection but kept his wine cellar. When asked why he did not sell his wine, he said, ‘A man can live without art, but not without culture.’ ” — Anonymous

• “Who taught you to eat bread fit for gods, and drink wine of the kings.” — Anonymous, “Epic of Gilgamesh,” 2000 BC

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