Write on: Great writers with great wine wisdom

Over the millennia, stellar writers have applied their gifts, at least upon occasion, to our/their favorite beverage. Some exemplars, beginning with a seasonal quote:

Voltaire• “Wine is the divine juice of September” — Voltaire (left)

• “The soft extractive note of an aged cork being withdrawn has the true sound of a man opening his heart.” — William Samuel Benwell

• “A glass of good wine is a gracious creature, and reconciles poor mortality to itself, and that is what few things can do.” — Sir Walter Scott

Alceus• “Let us drink. Why wait for the lighting of the lamps? Night is a hair’s breadth away. Take down the great goblets from the shelf, dear friend, for [Dionysus] gave us wine. … And let us empty the dripping cup —urgently.” — Alcaeus of Mytilene (left)

• “Is not wine the very essence of laughter?” — Maurice des Ombiaux

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  1. Douglas Chapman

    In your Star Tribune column a couple of weeks agowhere you mentioned New York wines, you mentioned the Lamareax Landing whites being available in the Twin City area. Can you tell us where these wines can be found?

    Many thsnks!

    1. Bill Ward

      From the distributor:
      WA Frost
      Byerly’s St Louis Park
      Byerly’s Golden Valley
      Byerly’s Ridgedale
      Mahtomedi Liquor Barrel
      On The Rocks
      McDonalds Liquor
      South Lyndale
      Wine Thief and Ale Jail
      The Real Wine Republic
      Haskell’s White Bear Lake
      Haskell’s Woodburry
      Haskels Minnetonka
      Premier Wines In Osseo

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