Visiting Napa, Sonoma or Oregon’s Willamette Valley is a feast for the senses. But making the most of the Burgundyexperience entails some preparation. Not Boy Scout level — always leave time to “wing it” — but having a basic game plan, or at least some targets, is crucial. To help you sort through the hundreds of wineries and scores of restaurants, Decant This! offers up customized itineraries, based on a questionnaire that you fill out and my extensive legwork (a dirty job, but …) in these regions. The price: a fraction of what you’ll spend on the trip.


You’ll receive a personalized list of recommended wineries and restaurants in the area, based on your responses to a short questionnaire as well as my years of experience in the area. Plus, you’ll receive pointers on logistics, lodgings, tasting-room tips and options for other diversions to help you make the most of your trip.

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Bill knows how to recommend areas to be in based on what you want, where the best tasting rooms are, which wineries are worthwhile. You go out there and there are so many, and you need someone to help you figure it all out. He can do that—he can find the best places for your tastes and interests. I knew traveling to the wine country would be amazing because of Bill’s knowledge and connections, but I couldn’t have even imagined the experiences I was able to have because of him.

Kate Wisser, wine traveler