Bordeaux, in their own words

The passing of Baroness Philippine de Rothschild was only the second-saddest event of last weekend (behind all that wine destroyed by the Napa earthquake), but it provides a good reason to pass along the bon mots (and mal mots) of key Bordeaux wine figures: • “I don’t need people to talk about it. The pleasure of drinking […]

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Wines of the Week: Aug. 18-24

Everyday: Among the best movements in the wine world has been the spread of so many styles of vinifying chardonnay, instead of everyone (in the New World, at least) just aping Kendall-Jackson. The 2012 Vigilance Red Hills Lake County Chardonnay ($15) is a great expression of the grape, with a very ripe nose and large-and-in-charge, […]

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Who said it? Who knows? Who cares?

Someone somewhere might know who coined each of these strings of wine-soaked words, but for now, they’re anonymous: “The quandary of a magnum: too much for one person,  but not enough for two.” “With wine at hand, the good man concerns himself, not with getting drunk, but with drinking in all the natural delectabilities of […]

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Wines of the Week: Aug. 11-17

Everyday: Gone are the days when we had to search mightily for some fruit in super-chalky wines from Muscadat. The 2012 Domaine de la Pepiere Sevre-et-Maine Muscadet ($15) is astonishing, no less acidic that its forebears of yore but with vivacious Meyer lemon flavors almost literally bursting onto the palate. It would not be a reach […]

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Wines of the Week: Aug. 4-10

Everyday: Slowly but steadily, U.S. wine consumers are tumbling to the fact that bubbles are for more than just celebrations. Wines such as the Clara C Fiori di Prosecco DOC ($12) can only help further that notion. Nice sharpness and sweetness “battle” away and eventually create a harmonious, lemon-laced delight on the longish finish. The […]

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