Linkin’ logs 12-15-14

It’s almost time for winter break at most schools, but not so for Linkin’ Memorial High: • The takeaway for many at the most recent royal wedding was the bride’s sister, either her hat or something closer to the ground. Now it turns out that Pippa has passed a wine course “with distinction” — and might want to […]

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Wines of the Week: Dec. 8-14

Everyday: I don’t think it’s being greedy to ask that domestic chardonnays have at least a bit of acidity. Well, the 2012 Columbia Winery Columbia Valley Chardonnay ($14) has more than a titch but far from too much. There’s plenty of lush tropical and stone fruit to play with the other elements, and the sweeter […]

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Wines of the Week: Dec. 1-7

Everyday: Here’s a wine for all those folks who like Apothic Red and have decided to “move up”: The 2011 Hook & Ladder Russian River Valley “The Tillerman” ($17) is ripe and spicy and seriously tasty. But it’s also a wine for Apothic non-fans, thanks to some stirring midpalate grip and refreshing minerality on the finish. It’s […]

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Eloquence bubbles up

Champagne moves many of us to (try to) wax eloquent, some more successfully than others: •  “Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.”—  F. Scott Fitzgerald • “Champagne is the one thing that gives me zest when I feel tired.” — Brigitte Bardot, six months after her 60th birthday • “Some […]

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Wines of the Week: Nov. 24-30

Everyday: My favorite development in the wine world is the way dandy Italian whites have become more affordable. The 2011 Azienda Agraria Perticaia Trebbiano Spoletino Umbria ($14) is the kind of wine that would have cost $22 a few years ago — and would have been worth it, but barely. It’s vibrant on both the nose […]

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Reading Glassses

Linkin’ logs: 12-2-14

Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’, the Interweb is swollen with good stuff. Some recent faves: • First, the good news: It appears that a huge percentage of heavy drinkers are not alcoholics. • Even better news: The world’s mother grape apparently was saved from extinction. Cin cin! • A few years back, stellar vintner Thomas Rivers Brown told me “A lot […]

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