Ancient wine wisdom

Those Greek dudes were pretty wise (the women were, too, but didn’t get to write). Ditto the Babylonians. To wit: • “At the head of all medicine am I, wine;  only when there is no wine are drugs required.” — Babylonian Talmud: Baba Bathra • “There is no gladness without wine.” — Babylonian Talmud: Baba Bathra • “Plant no […]

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Wine 2

Linkin’ logs: 10-27-14

It’s a festive time of year, with beautiful weather and foliage throughout the land and an increasingly popular holiday yet to come. So there’s good, bad and just plain weird happ’nin’s out there: • If you haven’t heard of vinotherapy — or even if you have — this account is worth checking out. For once, the stretching-it […]

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Wines of the Week: Oct. 20-26

Everyday: Bonarda, a grape known as charbono on these shores and tagged with the unfortunate name douce noir elsewhere, often finds great expression in Argentina. The Tercos Mendoza Bonarda ($13) is all darkness: a smoke-laden nose, lots of lush purple and black fruit, a toasty edge in the midpalate and semi-lengthy finish. Yet it’s more medium- than […]

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Chillin’ wine sagas: ‘Blood on the Vine’

If there’s anything I love almost as much as wine, besides of course my WAY better half, it’s mysteries, especially of the British ilk. Inspectors Morse and Lewis, “Sherlock,” “Foyle’s War,” “Cracker,” Inspector Lynley, “Prime Suspect,” etc. They need to show some darkness but not be too gory or just hope-free (“Luther”), but mostly not […]

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Gleanings: 10-22-14

What a month! Perhaps the two best wine dinners I’ve attended, at least from the bottled-juice standpoint. Tons of fabulous trade events and even a home visit from a fetching young French woman (have I mentioned that I love my gig, and my life?). Highlights: • The deeper I delve into wine, the more I […]

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