Chillin’ wine sagas: ‘Blood on the Vine’

If there’s anything I love almost as much as wine, besides of course my WAY better half, it’s mysteries, especially of the British ilk. Inspectors Morse and Lewis, “Sherlock,” “Foyle’s War,” “Cracker,” Inspector Lynley, “Prime Suspect,” etc. They need to show some darkness but not be too gory or just hope-free (“Luther”), but mostly not […]

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Gleanings: 10-22-14

What a month! Perhaps the two best wine dinners I’ve attended, at least from the bottled-juice standpoint. Tons of fabulous trade events and even a home visit from a fetching young French woman (have I mentioned that I love my gig, and my life?). Highlights: • The deeper I delve into wine, the more I […]

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Linkin’ logs: 10-21-14

Is  wine more about art or science? Or just about fun? This week’s links might provide an “all of the above” answer. • The gifted crew at looky wine blog VinePair have concocted one of the cooler info-graphics I’ve seen, on pairing for a football-watching crowd. • A few years back, stories surfaced of unsold tons […]

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For these wine lovers, magical, mystical places

One of the major side benefits of being a wine enthusiast is visiting the regions that spawn our favorite beverage. Beside the truth in the old saw “grapes like to grow in beautiful places,” we can get up close and personal with the vineyards, tasting rooms, people and wineries. The food’s usually stellar, too, btw. A while […]

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Linkin’ logs: 10-15-14

It’s geography time at Linkin’ Memorial High this week, with hap’nin’s far and wide and right here in Tundraland: • We start in Bulgaria, part of that buzzed-about behind-the-old-Iron-Curtain area that might be on the verge of becoming a playa in the wine world. Foreign investors think so, anyway. • Closer to home, my friend Sean […]

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