Linkin’ logs 1-16-13

We’re getting smarter and showing more ingenuity. I know because I read it on the InterWeb:

• If you read much about politics or religion, it’s easy to believe in human de-evolution. I choose to go with this study finding that Americans are drinking a good bit more wine, and being a lot wiser about their imbibing of controlled (and other) substances.

Ho-ho• You know ’em, you love ’em, and soon you might have to live without ’em. In the meantime, here are some apt pairings for Hostess products, including the inevitable Ho-Ho/Port combo.

• This week’s entry in the Enormous (and Enormously Fun) Time-Suck realm is a series of wine-flavor visualization graphics. It’s a little heavy on the oak but fascinating nonetheless, and a font of second-guessing opportunities.

• The Prius is not associated with luxury, but an intrepid soul has uncovered a “balling secret” in its glove compartment. Salud!

• Finally, a look at a fateful matchup “” or was it a one-time fling?



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