Linkin’ logs: 6-19-15

This week’s Linkin’ Memorial High curriculum includes economics, sociology, science, political science and astronomy. Whew.

Screaming Eagle• Napa wine has cracked the $1,000-a-bottle barrier, reports W. Blake Gray, who makes a good point about the wineries having some justification to charge these prices.

• Are we not men? We are rosé drinkers.

• There’s not much wine here, but I thoroughly enjoyed VinePair’s look at what the countless current presidential hopefuls might be quaffing. Especially the naughty parts.

• To the moon, Alice? A bottle of Lynch-Bages didn’t make it to that lunar orb, but it did enjoy a foray into space. Danger, Will Sommelier, danger!

• Wine Folly has a predictably fun guide on what your brain is like on coffee, wine and pot.

• Finally, it’s hard to argue with this lass’ approach:


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