Linkin’ logs: 6-6-15

All kinds of interesting fodder from both sides of the pond:

Bacon• The world — or at least my world — has been waiting for this: a primer on pairing wine and bacon.

• Here’s vivid proof that money can’t buy you brains: $18K of an oxidized bottle of wine.

• Great writer, great topic: Stuff like Elaine Brown’s up-close look at the far Sonoma Coast make Jancis Robinson’s website subscription worth the semi-hefty tariff.

• I’ll be judging wines this week again, and I always wonder how good a thing these competitions are. SFDecanter’s Andrew Jefford has a great take on the pluses and minuses, and this conclusion: “I think the wine world would be duller, more inscrutable and more hazardous without them.”

• I can’t find a date for this promising news on the health front, so it might not be fresh. But hey, it’s timeless.

• Finally, some words, or at least rationales, to live by:

Wine Sign


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