Linkin’ logs: 10-16-15

Plenty of good fare out there in the InterTubes, but here’s some stuff that stood out for yours truly:

Rombauer• I’ve always joked about Halloween pairings — and recommended Rombauer Chardonnay as the “candy” at adult parties — but this fairly serious look at options is pretty cool.

• The ever-creative Wine Folly provides a fresh and looky look at North America’s native wine grapes, such as they are.

• I think it’s eminently important that we wine enthusiasts not take ourselves too seriously, and Richard Hemming seems to agree.

• There’s almost too much information out there about the benefits of drinking fermented grape juice, but it’s especially good to see that imbibing might help folks with diabetes.

• This is not about wine per se, but since figuring out how much to tip on wine in restaurants is so gnarly, this effort by the estimable Danny Meyer is seriously cool.

• Finally, someone finally has marketed one of my favorite wine-trade aphorisms:

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