Linkin’ logs 2-26-14

There’s a global perspective to today’s syllabus at Linkin’ Memorial High, with Americans doing themselves proud but their leader, perhaps not so much. To wit:

White House• The ultra-conservative Wall Street Journal’s editorial page has got nothin’ on the UK’s Daily Mail when it comes to tearing into POTUS (or when it comes to wine snobbery) with this blast at the wines served at a White House dinner.

• Yay, us! Americans drink more Italian wines than the Italians. Yay, them! Italians still leave us in the dust in per capita consumption.

• After reading this compilation of the world’s wackiest wine laws, I want to attend Dublin’s Trinity College and am forced to add Pennsylvania to the states where I could not live.

• It’s great good fun to write in other people’s voices, and no one does it better than the Hosemaster.

• After watching snippets of Miley Cyrus performing, I don’t need to see any tongues for a while, but I am intrigues by what tongs can do.

• Finally, I might take up biking if I can use the vehicle below and replace the accoutrements with wine thingies:

Wine Bike


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  1. Lonny Isenberg

    Fun read Bill.

    I think the folks at the Daily Mail should stick to Guinness, Luc Morlet makes some seriously good wines. The 2001 Les Pavots he made when he was at Peter Michael is one of the best wines that I’ve tasted.

  2. Bill Ward

    Thanks, Lonny. I think the people at the Daily Mail probably consume a lot of Guinness but don’t necessarily understand it.

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