Linkin’ logs: 3-11-17

News you can use, or not, from the InterTubes:

• Looks like the drought is over in California Wine Country.

• I’ll write a bit more about this, but the quality of the cold-climate-wine documentary “Wine Diamonds” can be gleaned from this trailer.

• I can dig it: a mimosa slushy recipe. I’d go with Mionetto or Adami for the bubbles part, though.

• My friend the Hosemaster loves the chenin made by my friends Gabe & Adam (left) as much as I do. The post also makes some great points about brett.

• One of my favorite wine shops, Thomas Liquors in St. Paul, has a Prohibition-era basement. But this one in Florida really taxes the Way Back Machine.

• Finally, the coolest man in the world weighs in on our favorite beverage:

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