Linkin’ logs: 4-17-14

Inventive thinking and thoughtful inventions are among the highlights as we go scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’ around the Interwebs:

Shower• From the How Come I Didn’t Think of This files comes a seriously clever concoction for everyday household use. Cleanliness is next to wineliness, some say.

• Thankfully, robots are not ready to take over the world. But a small one showing off in Oregon recently indicated that they could have some use in the vinous world.

• Posted before (and pegged to) the season premiere of “Mad Men,” this gallery provides a peek at some pretty cool retro (or just old) wine ads.

• Although almost all of us prefer to dispense our fermented grape juice from a bottle, some folks keep coming up with other containers. Still, a paint can?!?

And finally, the “card” of the week and the photo trick of the week:









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