Linkin’ logs: 4-19-17

A little history, a little biology, a little less geometry and more in this week’s World Wine Web roundup:

• Wine and weed are pals, I’ve always maintained. And the estimable Eric Asimov agrees.

• More that I concur with Eric about, via a second source, on wine labelling.

• Boy, I hope this plays out, especially since I sniff thousands of wines a year, including a hundred or so today while judging at Pacific Rim: The practice might help stave off Alzheimer’s.

• Wine is better for our brains than math, according to one report. Does this mean we should pay less attention to scores/ratings?

• Come and listen to my story about a man named Chuck, small winemaker who was smart with a buck: How Mr. Taylor made gobs of money for Trader Joe’s and himself.

• Finally, in honor of my sistah Claiborne’s birfday this week:


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