Linkin’ logs: 4-29-15

My way better half’s late, great mom used to serve ocassional dinners that she called “going to China,” meaning that chow-mein noodles were involved. This week, we go to China and elsewhere for tasty tidbits:

• I’ve been watching a bit of “Red Obsession,” a documentary about the Chinese and high-end Bordeaux, and have been turned off mightily by the how cavalier the people fueling price spikes are about money. (It’s not a Chinese thing; it’s a rich, perhaps mostly nouveau riche, thing.) Anyway, this plan to have the “highest” dinner party ever on Mount Everest fits that mold as well.

Yao• Speaking of rich Chinese people with major chutzpah, retired NBA millionaire Yao Ming took to Kickstarter to fund a winery project.

• Joe Roberts has a dandy look at what wine prices mean on one website, and offers up some interesting points on the priciest wines, how they got there and the role of us ink-stained wretches here.

• The estimable Elin McCoy deftly explains what makes a great restaurant wine list.

• A fun glance at what types of wine to pair with Hillary Clinton speeches.

• Finally, I get where this person is coming from:

Wine Sign


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