Linkin’ logs 6-5-12

They broke the mold when they made the late Sen. Ted Stevens, and one of my favorite quotes from the ol’ curmudgeon was when he described the Internet thusly: “It’s not a truck. It’s a series of tubes.” So let’s go tubin’:

• Wine can make anyone, sometimes even yours truly, feel sexy. So the only surprise about Dr. Ruth releasing her own brand of wines is that it took so long.

• One of the great offshoots of the “natural wine” movement is that it has put the kibosh to the notion that white wines need to be crystal clear. Pax Mahle’s Wind Gap Trousseau Gris, for example, looks like dishwater and tastes like nectar of the deities. So I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing look at “hazy wines” by the redoubtable Charles Olken.

• I’m a big believer in eschewing fancy-schmancey descriptors such as “pencil shavings” and “Kaffir lime” in assessing wines. So kudos to this approach, in which songs by several of my favorite jazz musicians are used to peg offerings from one of my favorite wineries.

• Last but far from least, I always laugh out loud while reading the Ron Washam’s wickedly witty posts, but this one about a Napa auction forced me to quickly abandon my morning caffeine, lest I shatter the world spit-take record.

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