Linkin’ logs: April 1 edition

Up here in Tundraland, March came in like a lion and went out like a Ice Creaturewampa (gratuitous “Star Wars” reference to foreshadow an item below). But out on the WWW (world of wine web), some timely posts were found.

• W. Blake Gray shared a typical day’s worth of emails that we wine scribes receive. There’s more than a little verisimilitude in his account.

• Another fairly believable “report” came from 1 Wine Dude, around the recent brouhaha between the forces of Robert Parker and the rest of the wine-writing world.

• It was a day early — actually it was on his usual writing day — but the Hosemaster “introduced” a new and exciting brand. I want to have a tasting soon with his Carbon Footprint “What Glaciers” Merlot and Gray’s Strychnine Road Chardonnay.

• And finally, the folks at Jordan came up with a nifty “idea” for their sprawling estate: a Jedi training academy. The Force was very much with them on this enterprise.

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