Linkin’ logs: 10-21-14

Is  wine more about art or science? Or just about fun? This week’s links might provide an “all of the above” answer.

Football• The gifted crew at looky wine blog VinePair have concocted one of the cooler info-graphics I’ve seen, on pairing for a football-watching crowd.

• A few years back, stories surfaced of unsold tons of French wines being converted into ethanol. Here’s more on how our favorite beverage’s byproducts can be turned into biofuel.

• There appears to be some evidence that young wines are better for you than old wines. Wine Folly examines the issue.

• It’s a bit less scientific, but every bit as believable: We should ditch the flutes and sip Champagne from a regular wine glass. At least the good stuff. I actually find the big ol’ Oregon pinot noir glasses from Riedel to be the optimum conveyor.

• Joe Roberts makes a strong case for why wine reviewers should be regarded in the same way as music or movie or book reviewers. I concur, for better or worse.

• Finally, some words to live by:



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