Wines of the Week: July 30-Aug. 5

Everyday: The bottle is so impressive that it’s natural to wonder if more attention was paid to the packaging than the contents. But one sip of the Vigne Regali Principessa Perlante Gavi ($15) puts a big ol’ kibosh on that notion. It’s dry but tingly thanks to a touch of effervescence, with lively citrus and pear flavors, minerally freshness and surprising length. Oops, forgot the nose, which is a lovely amalgam of floral and fruity. We enjoyed it mightily as an al fresco aperitif, but it should pair beautifully with all manner of Japanese food, lemony chicken or fish dishes and summer salads.

Occasion: For several wine lovers I know, Alsace is their favorite travel destination, for the scenery and food and firm, focused wines. The Albert Boxler Gewurtzaminer Reserve is a splendid exemplar: pure as the snowy Alps and packed with splendid tropical-fruit flavors. And talk about mouthfeel: My tasting notes include the unusual phrase “loves the tongue.” It also “loves the throat,” with a minutes-long finish of pure and hearty goodness. Spicy Asian food and saucy French dishes would be equally at home with this multi-layered gem.

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