Linkin’ logs: 3-7-18

It’s baaack — and will never again have such a long hiatus. Cool stuff from the World Wine Web:

• Our granddaughter Zuzu loved her some Gouda, and at age 14 also enjoys sniffing wines. So this glass is a natural for a future birfday gift.

• A friend sent this informative article (with excellent buying options) from “a hipster publication that my son in laws worship.”

• I’ll have the ’91 Pol Roger, please. Oh, that’s 1891.

• The evidence that wine (in moderation; and I call two glasses moderation) helps us live longer. And certainly better :o)

• But wait! There’s more.

• Sometimes a guy is just starting an interview and quickly realizes every moment that he’s onto a special story and just has to not muck it up. So it was with the saga of Al & Boots Brounstein and Diamond Creek winery.

• Finally, a truly great, and greatly true, aphorism:

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  1. Philip Bradley

    The buried 1891 champagne reminds me of the oldest wine I ever tasted–1876 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild (this was in 1980). Still great, perhaps just a little over the hill, but extraordinary, none the less–a pre-phylloxera Lafite…

  2. Barbara Pitcher

    Love the article on the Brounsteins! I had the privilege to meet Al & Boots on 2001 when in Napa for A Night for Sight. Al was very ill but he graciously visited with Elizabeth and me and Boots was amazing juggling keeping things going in the vineyards and being sure he wasn’t overly tired. I have fond memories of that day. Meeting the Brounsteins that day remains one of my fondest memories of many visits to Napa.

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