Linkin’ logs: 5-9-18

Long time coming, long time gone for link-o-mania:

• Amy Poehler? Tina Fey? Napa-themed movie? Sign me up.

• In my Navy years in Italy, I was intrigued by a wine called Lacryma Christi (“Tears of Christ”). Like almost everything sold in stores back then, the wines were crummy. But given insane improvement in Italy’s wines since then, I’m intrigued again.

• A free bottle of wine for a tale of abuse? Yikes! Every person who gave the OK to this idea should be canned.

• My friend Larry has been in the Republic of Georgia seeking out wines. Guessing he saw some of these seriously cool amphorae.

• So the latest of a gazillion conflicting studies says an extra glass of vino a day reduces one’s life by 30 minutes. It fails to point out that those last half-hours would be pretty crappy anyway.

• Here are a few seriously swell vinous photos, with links to more.

• Old French soldiers don’t die; they go make wine.

• Finally, my buddy Joe and I knew we were in the right restaurant in Turin when we saw this poster:


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