Linkin’ logs: 4-22-14

It might or might not be time to “take a powder,” but it’s definitely time to monitor the halls of Linkin’ Memorial High:

J Cuvee• The good news: At least one scientist claims that we should be quaffing a bottle a day of wine − for our health. Here’s to his health (and acumen).

• The better news: W. Blake Gray reports that the more wine-inclined a society is, the less violent crime it will have.

• The best (or worst) news: The government approved an alcohol powder that provides a buzz — then reversed its course after a whole lotta hubbub.

• The weird news: A website has come to the aid of the throng of folks who want to give their newborn offspring a wine-themed name.

• The who-can-tell? news: If you were a type of wine, your Myers-Briggs profile could tell you what type of wine that was.

• And finally, our sign of the week:



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