Linkin’ logs 5-1-14

It’s been an edifyin’ and entertainin’ stretch out on the information semi-superhighway of late, with smart ideas, wacky inventions and cool experiments among the treasures:

Old• My ever-intrepid friends at the Wine Company have been testing older wines − my invite clearly was mishandled in the mail − and come up with a seriously savvy post on how to buy and serve fermented grape juice of the venerable variety.

• I have to admit that I often find Camille Paglia an obnoxious bomb-thrower, but she nailed it in this column about lowering the drinking age.

• I have no idea what kind of bottle spawned this cork, but I like what these folks are doing with it.

• And finally, someone sent the photo below and asked me what to pair with it. The dish is bacon-wrapped onion rings − why anyone thought it needed a sauce, I have no idea − and my best pairing stab is a zin from Dry Creek Valley.




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