Linkin’ logs: 5-22-14

The Interwebs are well-equipped with, among other things, endless depictions of equipment. This and more in our latest sojourn to Linkin’ Memorial High:

Scarf• We start with a potential gift for, as the headline notes, the wino who has everything (except perhaps good taste): the flask scarf.

• So we know wine goes way back. But it might have been around even longer ago than we thought, according to this report.

• When it comes to promotional videos, no one can touch Jordan’s Lisa Mattson. Her team’s latest effort is a fantabulous tribute to ’80s music. Majot earworm alert.

• This is starting to remind me of all the ways we figured out to smoke pot in my college days, including the cardboard from a roll of toilet paper. Here’s the latest clever/wacky way to open a bottle of wine.

• There probably are easier ways to open a bottle of wine and pour a glass than this. But it is pretty cool.

• Finally, this T-shirt is on my way better half’s birf-day list:

Wine T-shirt


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