Linkin’ logs: 5-30-13

It’s tubin’ time, as in riding around the “series of tubes” that serves as then-Sen. Ted Stevens’ definition of the Internet:

• I’ve often thought about getting together some fellow cork dorks and doing a wine-soaked version of “The Onion.” Not sure I could be as funny as this “account” of a lawsuit.

Officer• I’ve been able to spend some time with Carlisle maestro Mike Officer (left), but have never heard, nor expected to hear, him use the phrase “full-tilt boogie.” But he blurted that out in describing the vineyard attention zinfandel is finally and deservedly getting.

•I really loved the new “Star Trek” movie and might could be considered something of a fanboy. But not to the point where I’d spend good money on this wine.

• Finally, the amazingly deft Madeline Puckette has come up with a second gorgeous and useful chart on food pairing. To see it in better detail, check out her post. In fact, check out everything on her site.



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