Linkin’ logs: 6-7-13

I tend to look for the funny stuff as much as the weighty matter on the Interwebs, which is why the only blog I always read is the fabulous Hosemaster of Wine. His just-posted takedown of, well, us bloggers is especially hilarious, and of course he skewers many and varied others.

But this week brought a wealth of slightly more serious stuff, starting, as usual, with another brilliant bit of work by Madeline Puckette at Wine Folly on pairing. Also:

Drinkers• Esquire’s Chris Jones penned a wonderful paean to different ways to drink (actually just two of them, he says).

• A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to a map about state taxes on wine. Now there are more, showing state-by state taxes on all manner of spirited imbibery.

• In sacramental terms, Venezuela might be facing a bit of a crisis.

• Archeologists have made discoveries that shine positive and semi-embarrassing lights on France. First, a look at how Gaul got its whole fermented-grape-juice thing going, and then came news that that nation’s wine came from a once-and-forever rival land.

• Finally, some sage advice from those clever placard makers:


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