It could be said that Trinitas Cellars is taking a striking new direction with its Christianity-laden approach to wine. Or it could be said that the winery is coming full circle, given the role monks such as Dom Perignon played in the cultivation and making of wine.

Either way, Trinitas deserves props for transparency, for wearing its faith on its bottle sleeves, er, labels. It’s a natural progression for founder Tim Busch, described on the winery’s website as “co-founder of the Magis Institute, which sponsors a host of spiritual endeavors including retreats, ethics training, and wealth stewardship forums.”

Among the wines in Trinitas’ portfolio are Psalms, a 50-50 semillon-sauvignon blanc blend; Rose’ary, a pink offering from Mendocino, and a zinfandel called ratZINger, which is both another groany pun in the zin world and perhaps the first wine on the planet named after the current pope. (The Sanford-Benedict Vineyard, while revered by many, predates this particular Holy Father’s ordination.) A blurb on the zin from the Trinitas website:

“In his first papal encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, Pope Benedict XVI underscored that love of God and love of neighbor are inseparable — they both live from the love of God who loved us first. This wine is crafted in memory of Monsignor Thomas J. Herron, close friend and collaborator of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who lovingly labored for the Gospel until his death on May 2, 2004. May you and your loved ones experience God’s love.”

If nothing else, the wines should have a ready-made client base, to be served with wafers on Sunday mornings.

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