Wines of the Week: June 1-6

Everyday: I had a delightful visit with New Zealand vintner Beth Forrest recently, and her Kiwi mate talked about how insanely Doctors'popular the Forrest Estate The Doctors’ Marlborough Riesling is in their homeland. One sip of the 2012 ($15), and it was readily apparent why. Vibrant and vivacious, this is one bold, beautiful wine, with streamlined melon and stone-fruit flavors and bracing acidity. I had no idea New Zealand riesling could be this delicious. Bring on the rich seafood or the mildly spicy Asian dishes. And plop on the sweet, perfectly harmonious vocals of the Impressions to round out the experience.

Occasion: I loves me some cabernet franc, and am seriously excited about the vintners who are nailing it Rymeon these shores. The 2013 Ryme Allegria Vineyard Russian River Valley Cabernet Franc ($32) is the latest one to wow and dazzle this palate. It’s grown in a cool climate for cab franc, and the resulting lighter body lets the cherry and herbal notes blossom from start to finish. That means anything herbal, from salads to fowl to grilled veggies, is a great match for this wine. The man just tabbed as Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” bandleader, Jon Batiste, provides the perfect earthy, spicy soundtrack.



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