Wines of the Week Sept. 5-11

Everyday: OK, so $20 is a little high for a weeknight wine. But the St. Supery Napa Sauvignon Blanc 2010 is a layered but not too complex white that goes with most any seafood, fowl or even pork dish you’re rustling up on a Tuesday. (Yes, even Shake ‘N’ Bake.). Like every vintage of this wine before it, th 2010 is a delicious, juicy, silky delight with a fascinating array of fruit flavors ““ I got touches of Meyer lemon, pineapple and melon ““ plus a bit of smokiness and welcome minerality to help out with the focus and length. Patio season is dwindling, but in the meantime this is a spot-on wine to serve guests out there.

Occasion: Australian wine gets considerably less respect than Rodney Dangerfield these days. And he’s dead. But the Elderton “Command” Single Vineyard Barossa Shiraz ($85-$99, depending on the vintage) could lay a big ol’ can of whup-ass on most any Napa cab in that price range. Like the best Aussie shirazes, it’s downright elegant, but not until after delivering a melange of Old World olive, New World blackberry and Third World coffee flavors, among others. The tannins are pronounced but not punishing, the mouthfeel weighty but satiny. This wine was made for steak au poivre or steak au anything, not to mention lamb on the barbie.

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