Linkin’ logs: 1-17-17

Time for drinking wine on the cheap, from everywhere (except maybe a nasty autocrat’s stash), via the World Wine Web:

• Can’t we all just get along? While California’s grape and marijuana growers remain at odds over water and workers, here comes the first Wine & Weed Symposium.

• Couple of really good lists, and not just because they include wines I’ve recommended before :o): Eric Asimov’s 20 winter reds  and Nick Passmore’s 10 best European reds under $20.

• I’m not linking to Blake Gray’s post because I’m quoted in it :o), but rather because he makes a damn good point: Korbel is making some super sparkling juice for the price.

• Yessir: VinePair, usually aiming for “edge,” endorses trying everything but the “trendy” wines in 2017.

• One of the last people in the world I’d want to drink wine with is Vladimir Putin, but taking a gander at his cellar is sorta kinda fun.

• Finally, a bit of vinous verse:


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