Linkin’ logs: 1-29-16

Healthy and wise, if not wealthy. That’s what you’ll be after this spin through Linkin’ Memorial High:

Martha• Turns out Martha Stewart’s wine cellar is appalling. Not so much the wines, but the haphazard way this uber-neatnik has it set up.

• The narrative ends up with a sales pitch, alas, but here’s some great info along the way about sulfites (no harm, no foul) and other health aspects of wine (malo bad!).

• Bubble up: A study found that three glasses a week of sparkling wine can help prevent dementia. (I can’t remember if I posted this before; obviously I need to quaff more Champagne.)

Musical glass• As my Wines of the Week listings indicate, I don’t need any convincing that music can enhance our enhancement of wine. Decanter takes a deeper look at the issue.

• Some of these “truthful” wine labels are pretty funny, especially the “artisanal” one.

• Finally, this sign certainly applies to me:

Wine Sign


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