Linkin’ logs: 10-15-14

It’s geography time at Linkin’ Memorial High this week, with hap’nin’s far and wide and right here in Tundraland:

• We start in Bulgaria, part of that buzzed-about behind-the-old-Iron-Curtain area that might be on the verge of becomingBulgaria 3 a playa in the wine world. Foreign investors think so, anyway.

• Closer to home, my friend Sean Sutton has released his annual list of Washington’s top 100 wines, and it’s interesting not only for the choices but the way it’s categorized, including rising stars, “Taste the Place” and … malbec.

• The Evergreen State’s neighbor to the south apparently is harvesting one fantastic vintage, a “juggernaut.”

Shatner• I bow to William Shatner in most all realms. For those who haven’t heard it — or those who have — this video of one of his musical nuggets is a hoot. And now, his realm includes wine, tasting with sundry folks in his inimitable fashion. (H/T my pal Fred)

• I had fun compiling this list of “party wines,” plus backups. But it was more work than I expected, to avoid repeating previous Star Tribune touts. (Regular readers of this blog will recognize at least a few wines). Plus I kissed a buttload of frogs to find these.

• Finally, someone has come up with another good use for pumpkins:


Wine Chillin'




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